Third Party Subprocessors

Updated 9th December 2018

This document is considered part of WPHercules Privacy Policy and TOS.

WPHercules engages subprocessors that may process personal data submitted to WPHercules’ services. We use only trusted companies that at least are committed to comply with European Union Privacy Shield Framework or better. These subprocessors are listed below, and may be updated by WPHercules from time to time. The list also contains some links to their terms of service and privacy policies, but we are not responsible of any changes of the URLs of those documents.

If you want to know the exact list of subprocessors that affect your account, please request it sending a email to support @

Please also read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as they describe more about our practices.

Hosting providers and related companies

We keep here all the third party companies that have been used in the past or that we may use in the future for your convenience. If you need to know which one apply to your website, please contact us.

Other services

Backups Providers

For security we do not show here the backup services we used or have used in the past. They are available for any client that requests it.

If you use a third party software: Plugins and themes.

If you’d like to use third party software like plugins with our Services, please keep in mind that when you interact with them you may provide information about yourself to those third parties. We don’t own or control these third parties and they have their own rules about collection, use and sharing of information. You should review their rules and policies when installing and using third party software.

Updates to this list

We will do our best to keep this list updated but the best way to know which third parties affect your business is to request that information for your installation. We may need to confirm your identity to provide this information to you.