Scale your WordPress Business

Outsource all the maintenance work and keep your clients

We will take care of the technical stuff for you, giving you extra time and extra income so you can focus on your clients.

Your Benefits

The perfect solution for Developers Designers Marketing Agencies Freelancers

100% White Label Service

We do the work, you get the credit. Includes support emails, monthly reports, notifications and branded plugins for your clients.

Managed Premium Hosting

We do not use shared reseller accounts. All our server are optimised VPS and we take care of them for you. No more endless discussions with hosting support teams.

Expert WordPress Support

Maybe you do not need it, but if you do, we will gladly help you with any WordPress related questions about your clients and their websites.

Win Win Win

Your clients get a better service, you get extra income and time to focus on what you are good at and we get better coded websites and a partner to work with.

Extra Income

Get recurrent income without any extra work. Clear pricing with no long term contracts from the 1st website.

Maintenance Hands Off

We handle updates, backups, security, performance, monitoring, reports, server upgrades... You just need to bill your clients, we do the rest.

Custom made for your needs

We provide any tool and configuration you may need: staging sites, development sites, SSH, CLI, Git, Composer, Premium Plugins and Themes, etc.

Peace of Mind and Relax

You will know that your client websites are taken care and in good hands. With multiple backups, malware monitoring and a partner that you can trust.

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Designer, developer, marketing, website builder, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Of course. As a partner you will get a discounted price for all our plans, and you can charge your clients whatever you want on top of it. We do not use volume discounts, so even if you only have one or two sites for now, you can be our partner too.

For your clients, we will be like another department within your company.
We only need one email account and will setup everything for you, monthly reports, a support ticket system, your brand on the website, etc.

Yes. Once you apply for the program, we will be able to send you full technical details of the servers, the white label and all the services provided on each plan.

Yes. You may want to recommend our services to some people but you do not want to be in the middle for them. In that case you could use the affiliate program. At the same time you can have some clients you want to keep but you can use the partner program to outsource the maintenance jobs to us.

First you need to sign up on this page to start the process. We will review your application and maybe ask you some other questions. We also try to do a one to one call with all our partners to make sure we are on the same page. 
Then we will send you another document by email explaining how the financials work in detail, what is needed to setup of the white label and all the technical details you may need. We will of course answer any other question you may have. If we are both happy about that, then we sign a Collaborator Agreement and we start working together.

If you have any other question, please Contact Us

Not what you are looking for?

If you do not want to keep the client and just want someone to take care of it, you can use our Affiliate program and get some benefit from it too.