Choose for your WordPress

Different WordPress Maintenance plans for different businesses needs. 



£40 £ 35
per month / £420 billed yearly
  • Daily External Backups  
  • Free Restoration  
  • Instant Security Updates  
  • Daily Malware Check  
  • WordPress Updates  
  • SEO + Speed Setup  
  • Uptime Monitor(5min)  
  • Managed Hosting  
  • Emergency Support  
30-day money back guarantee
Get the Basics


£100 £ 90
per month / £1080 billed yearly
  • Everything from Professional
  • PLUS
  • Duplicated Backups  
  • Premium Updates  
  • Free Premium Plugins  
  • Free Premium Themes  
  • Managed VPS Hosting  
  • Staging Copy  
  • WordPress Advice  
30-day money back guarantee


£450 £ 350
per month / £4200 billed yearly
  • Everything from Business
  • PLUS
  • Business Reports  
  • On Demand Backups  
  • Uptime Monitor (1min)  
  • Free Image Optimizer  
  • Dedicated VPS Hosting  
  • Development Copy  
  • Business Consultation  
30-day money back guarantee
Free Security Audit

Free migration included for all compatible sites.
What is a compatible site? Check it here.

Frequently asked questions

WordPress has grown a lot over the past years, and it is now much more complicated to properly manage a professional site than before. We are the man in the middle, we take care of the WordPress technical side and help you to get the best of it for your business.

We have been using WordPress for a long time, testing different providers and different configurations, so we know what does work and what does not. Every problem you have, we have come across it before.

We started helping people on their own hostings and setup, and we found that it was really difficult to offer a proper solution, sometimes the hosting is not good enough or we need the client to be there with us so the third party listen. Everything was too complicated.

We have decided that the best way to help you is that you trust us and bring your website to our environment. 

Here we can take proper care of your WordPress and you and your business will get all the experience we have learn on the past years. 

Your hosting will help you to fix things but you will need to spend time talking with them to sort everything out, and that is normally more technical than you want. We will do that for you. We also choose the best hosting and configurations to avoid problems but if there are any, we will fix them so you do not need to.

We are the guys you do not need until you do. Updating and upgrading is easy until something fails. Then you would like to have someone to fix it or that tells you how to fix it. When that happens (and it will happen) you will think why are you doing that instead of your own business.  

We will be there to ensure that nothing happens but also to guide you and help you to improve your website and business.

Proper WordPress maintenance takes time, you can spend that time or you can leave us to do it for you and use that time for your business (or just enjoy some extra free time). 

The main difference is that we do not want to provide just maintenance.

We love online business and we love to know our clients and their stories. 

We want to help you improve and grow your business using the internet and the new technologies. 

Emergency Support includes fixing all the problems at hosting level. You can also contact us only when there is any problem with the website. We will check where the problem is and if required we will restore to a previous backup for free. If you need help fixing the problem (without restoration) you will need WordPress support.

WordPress Advice: You can ask us any question related to your WordPress install, for example:  “How do I do this?”, “Which plugin is the best for… ?”, etc.
We will check the problem and we will answer by email how to fix it, but the fixing is not included (it could be anything) unless is a hosting issue (see Hosting Support).
If you want us to fix it for you, we will give you an estimate. Most of the time you will be able to fix it yourself with our guidelines.

Bussiness Consulting: Once a month we will help you with your business questions related to the online world.
We will use all our experience online to guide you and recommend you what are the next steps you should follow with your business and your website.

Yes! This is your personal WordPress install. You can do whatever you want.

The only limit is not to install unsafe plugins or themes, but you do not want to do that anyway. 

No. Every WordPress installation is a single and independent install created manually for you.

If you need a multisite, contact us and we will create a custom plan for you.

Yes, of course. We use the standard WordPress files without any modifications. In fact we are not a hosting, we use other third party hosting for your website.

So if you want to move to another hosting, you can do it without any special configuration.

At this moment we have accounts with six different hosting companies. We test them and use them and choose the best one for your business. When one company is not good anymore (and this happens from time to time) we notify you and we will move your website to a new environment for free. 

We will ensure that your website will always be on the best hosting it needs.

Backups are stored on an Amazon S3 and can be requested via support at anytime. If you want to have daily access to the backups we can provide it as an extra service. Contact us for more details.

Yes. You can cancel our services anytime and the next month won´t be charged. Make sure you do this at least 5 days before the next payment so we can process it in time.

We will give you the latest backup so you can move to any other hosting. Your data is yours and it will always be.

The services are paid in advance. Payments are due every month the same day you signed up (first payment day). The system will collect the payment automatically so you do not need to worry about it.


Cards gets stolen, renewed or cancelled by the banks “for security” all the time. Do not worry, we understand all this so your website won´t be destroyed overnight.

If your payment fails, you will get an email telling you to update your card information. We will try to charge you 2 more times. 

In the rare event that you never reply to us or contact us and the payment fails, we will block the traffic to your website and destroy all the data after 30 days.


If you have any other question, please Contact Us


Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business.