If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how all this started (I will try to keep it short).


We are UK based. If you are in St.Albans Area, please visit us at the local Meetup.


We are on twitter (@wphercules) and Facebook.​


Please use the form on the contact page to send us an email.

Our story

My name is Ángel F. Plaza and I am the founder of WPHercules.

I started playing with WordPress websites in 2008 and I never though I was going to do this for a living. 

I was managing several websites of my own for years and I was finding a lot of issues with the solutions you can find on the market. 

There are too many things you need to learn that you should not need to learn to have a website.

But I liked all that “techie stuff” so I start testing everything to find the best solution for managing my sites. 

I learned some things the hard way, some websites were hacked, I lost others because I didn´t have a backup, but others are still online 10 years after.

One day I was showing a friend how I was managing all my sites, and he told me if I could take care of his WordPress site too.  So I did. After a while a friend asked too, and then another…

When I moved to England in 2016, I needed a new name for this, so WPHercules was born.

The business keep evolving and the team growing since then. 

If you like what we do here, we would love that you decide to be part of this small story.

Around the World

We are UK based (London) but you can also find us on WordCamps and Meetups around the world (mainly Europe but you never know). These are the most common cities I visit regularly. If you are around let me know and lets have a coffee.