WordPress platform for businesses

We take care of all the complicated and technical part of your website

Bring your WordPress to our platform and enjoy daily backups, updates, 24/7 security, premium managed hosting, professional maintenance, premium plugins and WordPress and business consulting from our experts. We will make sure that your website is always fast and secure.

If you do not know where the problem is, you cannot fix it. We review every aspect of your WordPress, from the server to the user experience. Get a complete report with a list of actions to fix. Audits are made manually from our WordPress experts and not from an automated tool.

We want to be your technological partner. We love to help business to manage their WordPress. We would like to know you and your business so we can understand better what your needs are.

Why choose us?

Peace of Mind

Stop worrying about your website. You can trust the WPHercules platform and know that your website business is safe, secure and fast. We have built and perfected our own platform solution over the years to host and manage all kind of WordPress sites. Now you can use all that expertise for your business.

WordPress Experts

We have been working with WordPress since 2008. We have tried and tested all the WordPress solutions so you do not need to. You will get a WordPress expert partner that can tell you what is the best solution for your business, because every business is different.

Human Support

WordPress maintenance is only the first step to have a secure and fast website. Internet technology changes really fast and you might not have time to follow up. WPHercules will help you to adapt your business to the changes, so you are ready for the future.

Focus on your business

Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business or just relax and rest.