WordPress Update Services

A WordPress that is not updated is not secure and it does not work properly. We will update your plugins and themes and we will do it making sure that your site never goes down because an update.

Update Services

WordPress Updates - Plugins, themes and core

All Plans
We will update everything for you. For major core updates we will wait 15 days to make sure everything is compatible, for plugins and themes we will update when we consider that is safe to do it. For security updates, no matter if is core, a plugin or a theme, we update everything instantly.

Premium Updates - Updates made right

All Plans
We will notify you before we do updates on your site so your business is not affected. We will create a staging copy of your website, update, check that everything is working as expected, and then repeat the process on your live site. This will ensure that your site never goes down because of an update. Of course we create a backup before and after every update.

Security first - WordPress and server

All Plans
We update your WordPress and any plugin instantly if there is any security threat. We also have automatic updates to the server system. The server and the WordPress are configured to prevent any attacks and to ensure that your website is online and safe.

Uptime Monitor - We keep an eye on it

All Plans
We keep an eye on your website with automated systems that notified us if something fails. We check your site and server every 5 minutes (or every minute for Ecommerce plans), so when you find out that something has happened to your website, by the time you contact us, we are already working on it.

Visual Comparison - Checking errors

Business Ecommerce
With the premium Updates, we use the latest technology to ensure that we detect the smallest changes on your site. We create a screenshot of the most important pages on your web before an after the upgrade, and we compare the two images and check if there is any difference. If we find errores, we will stop de update and fix the issue.

Ecommerce Updates - We test your shop

We test the critical parts of your WordPress, including the cart, forms, the catalogue and single item page. Everything to make sure that your site keeps working after any update and you do not lose any sales.


Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business.