WordPress Security Services

Security is our top priority on WPHercules. We make sure that your business website is 100% secure. We create daily backups offsite and we make sure that you won’t need them.

Security Services

Daily Backups - Peace of mind

All Plans
We create a complete backup every night to an external server. It includes your database and all your files and content, even custom modifications. You can start every morning knowing that your data is secure.

Security Hardening Setup - Protection

All Plans
During the migration of your site to our servers, we will make sure that the WordPress installation is properly secure and protected. We will also install and configure the best security plugins for free.

Malware Scan - Daily checks

All Plans
Every night we check your server files for known malware. If we find something we will let you know so we can work together to fix it and ask you to use one of our backups to restore your site.

Duplicated Backups - Extra safe

Business Ecommerce
Better safe than sorry. We will create duplicated backups of your server every night on two different locations. In case that one backup fails, we will still have another copy for you.

Staging Daily Backups - Test without limits

Business Ecommerce
Every night we will also create a backup of the lates staging copy you have. So, you can test and develop safely on the staging site, knowing that your changes are saved every day.

On Demand Backups - For small changes

You will be able to do manual backups when you need it, to the database, files or both. We can also provide more frequent backups or even instant backups for an extra fee. Ask us about it.


Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business.