WordPress Optimization Services

Our servers are optimised for any kind of WordPress sites. We configure your WordPress to ensure the best speed, security and SEO. Your business website will load as fast as it can.

Optimization Services

SEO & Speed Setup - WordPress Ready

All Plans
We will review your WordPress configuration and optimize it for speed, SEO and security. We will also install the best cache plugins and we will setup everything for you.

Server Optimization - Made for WordPress

All Plans
We use providers that are specialised on WordPress sites. This is the best way to ensure that your WordPress will be fast and secure. We also review the server and setup configuration to make sure it is what your business needs.

Database Optimization - Optimization Service

All Plans
A website database need to be optimized often. We will take care of this for you automatically when we do the WordPress updates.

Post revisions removal - Optimization Service

All Plans
Every time you write a post, WordPress create automatic revisions that can be used to restore your post in case you lost the connection. Once you publish the post you do not need those revisions anymore, so we will remove them for you automatically.

Spam Comments Clean - Optimization Service

All Plans
We will remove all your comments that you marked as spam automatically so you do not need to worry about them and they do not use space on your database.

Image optimizer - No limits

You will have access to our image optimisation tools. Your website will be faster than ever. There is no limit on the number of images you can optimice each month.


Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business.