WordPress Managed Hosting

We select the best hosting for your business and manage all the technical issues for you. We will also talk with the hosting support team for you. No more strange emails or hidden charges from the hosting.

Hosting Services

Premium hosting - We take care of it

All Plans
You won´t need to worry about the hosting server anymore. We review each year the best providers and we move your website to a new one if it is required. On the Professional plan, we will select a provider for you and the server will be located in London.

Server Optimization - Made for WordPress

All Plans
We use providers that are specialised on WordPress sites. This is the best way to ensure that your WordPress will be fast and secure. We also review the server and setup configuration to make sure it is what your business needs.

Hosting Support - We speak your language

All Plans
Forget all those days of technical discussions with the hosting provider. We will talk with the hosting company for you, so you do not need to learn the technical stuff for managing your website. We know when the issue is a hosting problem or not, and we try to help the hosting guys so we can solve any issues faster.

VPS managed hosting - Private

Your business will get a private space on one of our VPS server with at least 4GB RAM. Optimized and configured for WordPress to make it really fast. The server will be located on Europe.

VPS Dedicated hosting - Just for you

Your business will get its own VPS server with at least 8GB RAM. Optimized and configured for WordPress. Your Ecommerce will be ready for any traffic. The server could be located on different parts of the world. If you need a bigger server, please let us know.

Server Updates - Security and performance

All Plans
We manage your server to ensure that they get the latest updates. This ensure that the server is secure and that we use the latest technologies available.


Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business.