Personalised WordPress Support

We have been working with WordPress since 2008. We have tried and tested all the WordPress solutions so you do not need to. Now you can use all that experience for your business.

Personalised Support

Free restoration - You can broke it

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No matter what you do, if you broke it, we will restore to a previous restoration date for free. Remember that you have daily (every night) backups, so If you update your content and brake the site after that on the same day, you could lose that day changes. If you need on demand manual backups, please contact us.

Emergency Support - Ready for you

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We provide support to any issues related to the server and hosting level. We ensure that the website is online and the server is working properly. If you need help with plugins, themes, configuration or anything related to the WordPress and not to the server, you need to get WordPress Advice.

Hosting Support - We speak your language

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We will talk with the hosting company for you, so you do not need to learn the technical stuff for managing your website. We know when the issue is a hosting problem or not, and we try to help the hosting guys so we can solve any issues faster.

WordPress Advice - Ask anything

Business Ecommerce
You can ask via email any question related to your WordPress install. We will give you the best guidelines on how to solve any issue or to answer any question you have. We do not do the work for you but we will point you to the right direction. You can also ask us about plugins, themes and configuration.

Business Consultation - Be prepared

We will chat every month and discuss anything you need about your business. We can help you to grow your digital presence. We will make sure that your business is prepared for the future.

Development Project Manager - Let us help

If you need any extra development, we will be your project manager. We understand your business needs and we can help you to translate your needs to the developer language. We can also help you to understand what is the best you can get with the budget you have.


Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business.