Free Premium Theme + Migration

This is an temporary offer to try to help the people affected by the “Pipdig issue”. You can read more about it on this post.

Lets start with the complicate question: 

Is this offer for you?

You only want a new theme

If you are paying for a cheap shared hosting and you only are looking to get a new theme, as cheaper as you can, this is not for you.

You want a similar cheap host

If you are with their host and trying to find a solution but without investing a little more money, this is not for you.

You do not want to suffer this again

Then you need to change how you consider your website or blog. If you do not want this to happen again, you need to do things different.

What will you get?

Free Migration to our hosting

We will take care of everything for you.

Full cleaning of the website

Only "Pipdig" cleaning related is included.

A Free Premium Theme

To choose between one of these options:

5% discount on our yearly plans for life

Use the coupon "FREETHEME" on checkout.

and 1 year of the Professional Plan

With all the standard services


  • Important:  We will install the chosen theme for you but the setup and configuration of the theme is not included on the offer. We will try to help you but if you want us to do it for you, that is a separate quote.
  • There is a soft limit of 2GB of website size for this plan. If your website is bigger than this, please contact us.
  • No payment gateways or ecommerce on your website on this plan.
  • We do not do email on our hosting, but we will help you to migrate to another email provider (Gsuite, Office365 or Zoho).

Do you want to change?

If you are ready to invest more in your website than in coffee, and you do not want to suffer this again with your blog, then go ahead. If you still have any questions, contact us.

Remember to use the coupon [FREETHEME] on checkout (applied by default if you use this button)