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WordPress Maintenance Services
for Businesses and Professionals

WordPress Updates

We will update your plugins and themes and make sure your site is always secure and updated. We do instant security updates and monthly standard updates.

High Security

We make sure that your business web is 100% secure. We create daily backups offsite and we make sure that you won't need them.

Speed and SEO ready

We configure your WordPress and the hosting to ensure the best speed, security and SEO. Your WordPress will be ready for your business from the first minute.

VPS Hosting Included

We select the best hosting for your business and manage all the technical issues for you. No more strange emails or hidden charges from the hosting.

Premium Plugins Included

The best plugins and themes, curated by our team of experts, are already installed and ready to be activated and used.

Personalized Support

We speak your language. You will have access to our expertise on WordPress and online businesses. We will be there when you need us ready to help your business to succeed.

And much more…  Visit our full list of services or check the plans below.

Choose the best plan for your WordPress



£50 £35 /month
(billed yearly)
  • Free Migration with Health Check Report ℹ️
  • WordPress Experts Support ℹ️
  • Backup Restoration and Hack Cleanups ℹ️
  • WordPress Updates with Functionality Test ℹ️
  • 24/7 Full Website Monitoring ℹ️
  • Daily Offsite Encrypted Backups ℹ️
  • WordPress Managed Security ℹ️
  • Monthly Status Report ℹ️
  • WordPress Performance + Image Optimization ℹ️
  • Transactional Email Managed Service ℹ️
  • Premium Managed Hosting ℹ️
  • Premium Plugins and Themes ℹ️


£100 £90 /month
(billed yearly)
  • All Professional Features
  • WordPress Consulting Included ℹ️
  • Premium WordPress Updates ℹ️
  • Full Functionality Test ℹ️
  • Managed Staging Copy ℹ️
  • Duplicated Daily Backups ℹ️
  • Advanced Monthly Status Report (Coming soon) ℹ️
  • Cloudflare Setup and CDN ℹ️
  • 2000 Images Optimised /month ℹ️
  • 1k Transactional Email Managed Service ℹ️
  • Premium Managed Hosting ℹ️
  • Premium Plugins and Themes ℹ️

Business Plus

£200 £180 /month
(billed yearly)
  • All Business Features
  • Private VPS Managed Hosting ℹ️
  • Priority Support ℹ️
  • Discounted rate on Business Consulting services ℹ️
  • Managed Development Copy ℹ️
  • On Demand Backups ℹ️
  • Cloudflare Setup and CDN ℹ️
  • 20000 Images Optimised /month ℹ️
  • 10k Transactional Email Managed Service ℹ️
  • Premium Plugins and Themes ℹ️
  • No Restrictions ℹ️

30-day Money Back Guarantee
No questions asked. If you are not happy with our services we will refund your money. Also, you can cancel anytime you want. 


£500 £400 /month
(billed yearly)
  • All Business Plus Features
  • Business Consulting ℹ️
  • Ecommerce Premium Updates ℹ️
  • Ecommerce Tests after updates ℹ️
  • Custom Extra Retention Backups ℹ️
  • Ecommerce Monthly Status Report (Coming soon) ℹ️
  • 50k Images Optimised /month ℹ️
  • 20k Transactional Email Managed Service ℹ️
  • Private VPS Managed Hosting 8GB ℹ️
  • Premium Plugins and Themes ℹ️

Ecommerce Plus

£850 £750 /month
(billed yearly)
  • All Ecommerce Features
  • Top Priority Support ℹ️
  • Business Consulting ℹ️
  • Full Purchase Test ℹ️
  • 4x Daily Offsite Encrypted Backups ℹ️
  • 100k Images Optimised /month ℹ️
  • 50k Transactional Email Managed Service ℹ️
  • Private VPS Managed Hosting 16GB ℹ️


  • Customised Plan
  • Top Priority Support ℹ️
  • Customised Managed Hosting ℹ️
  • Bespoke Services ℹ️

And there are much more features.
You can see all of them and compare all plans side by side here.

Why choose us?

Peace of Mind

Stop worrying about your website. You can trust the WPHercules platform and know that your website business is safe, secure and fast. We have built and perfected our own platform solution over the years to host and manage all kind of WordPress sites. Now you can use all that expertise for your business.

WordPress Experts

We have been working with WordPress since 2008. We have tried and tested all the WordPress solutions so you do not need to. You will get a WordPress expert partner that can tell you what is the best solution for your business, because every business is different.

Personalised Support

WordPress maintenance is only the first step to have a secure and fast website. Internet technology changes really fast and you might not have time to follow up. WPHercules will help you to adapt your business to the changes, so you are ready for the future.


Not on your website. Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress technical issues. That is time you could be using to improve your business.